Parting Parent Immage
Welcome to the Survey for Parting Parents.

We are doing a research study making a new survey to assess the concerns and desires of parents who are divorcing or separating. At the end of the survey, respondents immediately receive graphs depicting their scores on 14 different scales. These scores are intended to help people clarify their goals, values, and perspectives. They are also intended to be useful for parents and mediators as they seek to establish plans for divorce or separation that are satisfying for parents and good for children.

The beta version of the survey has been developed and we need people to test it. Are you willing to help?

If you are a parent in the process of divorcing or separating from your partner, you can take the survey now.

If you are a mediator, or someone who works with divorcing or separating couples, click the link for mediators to find out how you can be involved.